Keeping your home comfy and well-kept

Gentle Hearts & Hands, LLC provides patients with the aid of professional caregivers who are well-versed in assisting and performing a wide variety of domestic services such as shopping, meal preparation, light housekeeping, social integration, and more.

Choosing to rely on a home care provider like Gentle Hearts & Hands, LLC is the ideal path to take when it comes to ensuring the best for our loved ones. Our services will ensure that your loved ones can rest assured that as they recover or rest at home, they will have the assistance and care when they need it.

Our Services:

From groceries to light shopping errands, so your loved one doesn’t have to carry heavy packages or constantly travel.

Assistance with various house chores like sweeping, laundry, mopping the floors, dishwashing. We also encourage patients to help out with light tasks like writing the grocery list or folding clothes.

Finances/ Pension Collection
We travel in the stead of your loved ones when it comes to handling financial matters or collecting their pension.

Meal Preparation
Ensuring your loved ones are getting their nutrients as prescribed by their physician by providing them with healthy meals.

Social Integration
Encouraging your loved ones to engage and participate in social activities as a form of recreation and integration into the community

Day or night sitting services
Providing your loved ones with constant care and supervision according to their needs


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